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    Touched by Wings from Heaven is a family owned business and we take pride in the performance and the well being of our birds. Ken (the founder of our business) started raising birds when he was nine years old.

    Our birds are hand selected pedigrees, and are bred from some of the finest stock of birds in the entire country! These birds will never be mistaken with turtledoves, strays, or pet shop birds. The birds are pure white racing homing pigeons (White rock doves). Upon completion of their mission, like well trained athletes, they return home to their lofts where they were raised, to fly again.

    Ken has over forty-five years combined experience in the art of raising, training, grooming and releasing of these spectacular birds. We are well experienced in the Tri-state area and have trained birds up to and beyond 75 mile radius.  We have also opened a new loft in the Indianapolis area to serve Indianapolis and surrounding areas. A loft is where the birds eat and sleep. They are released twice a day to train.

    The professionals from “Touched by Wings from Heaven” specialize in one thing: White rock dove releases.  The Doves provide a deeply touching, meaningful, and breathtaking sight.  We promise to have our birds to your event at least one hour before the ceremony.  Every release is unique. We understand and respect the important of your day by paying special attention to every detail. 

     While we enjoy releasing our white doves at weddings and other special events, we have found that a dove release at a memorial or funeral service is very heart felt.  We have seen the faces of the loved ones who have lost someone special and how it touches their hearts and their friends.

   We promise a professional and beautiful dove release. We know you and your loved ones will remember the experience for years to come. Thank you for your interest in our unique service. We hope to have answered some of your questions about our dove releases. If you need more information or need to check availability for your event, call us right away.


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For Indianapolis, IN & Surrounding Area

For information and availability  please call Shirley Weyer at 812-695-4391

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Thank you,

Shirley Weyer
Coordinator/Event Planner
Southern Indiana