Wedding Prices & Special Events


Package request:  Silver, Gold, Diamond or create your own package.

                     (If unsure send the deposit to save your date.)  Call right away to check availability.

                    A two dove release is $150 plus  $1 per mile from our loft location to and from the release point.

               A $35 charge will be added for each additional dove requested. 


A Travel Time Fee of $35.00 will be applied for distances in excess of  30 miles from our lofts in Jasper and Whitestown Indiana. Will release up to 100 miles from our lofts.  Our Doves are trained athletes! An additional fee for 50 miles from our lofts.


A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required with our contract. It will be deducted from the package price.  


Holiday rates of $100 are in addition for Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day & the Fourth of July weekends.


Balance should reach us no later than the Monday before your wedding.

                     You can pay by check or credit card.


Make checks payable to: Touched by Wings from Heaven.

                     We take Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express credit cards.


Mail to: Touched by Wings from Heaven at 750 W. Haysville Rd, Jasper, IN 47546. We can e-mail you the contract. (The Check & Contract must be mailed with your original signatures, and we will send you a copy with our original signature. We will let you know your coordinators name & cell phone# for your very special day.




Our Policies

Our Birds safety is very important to us & a beautiful sight to watch each day.


Release coordinators will always act and dress professionally.


No releases indoors, or near power lines.


No releases 1 hour before dark within our counties 2hrs outside.


No birds will be shipped. No releases without one of our release professional present.


A white dove release on the front steps of the church is an impressive symbolic and enchanting ending to a wedding ceremony, but the birds have to be released in a safe place. This is not usually a problem, unless there is a ceiling outside the doors then consulting with you and your photographer for the perfect place is an option.


In the event of a thunderstorm, freezing weather, fog or severe winds we will come to set up the display inside of the church or building for viewing & pictures. If you want this, you will receive a 40% refund on the package price only. We must be notified at least 24 hours before the wedding. If you do not want this and we are told 24 hours in advance you will get a full refund.


  If you fail to notify us that you do not want the display or it is not allowed inside the church, or building due to bad weather at least 24hrs before your wedding day your $100 deposit, the  time fee & the holiday rate (if applied )will not be refunded.  


In the event we are unable to attend because of very severe weather example: Tornado, ice storm etc you will receive a full refund


No refunds for any other conditions!!!


Call or e-mail us for Prices and Availability right away.


Include date, time & location & number where you can be reached include are code and a time to call.