Wedding Promises


Whatever your beliefs, The Dove seems to say it all…Without saying a word. Somehow it seems to fit, A silent reverence, A quiet message of Pure Love. On this beautiful day the Bride & Groom will: Become complete, Be of good comfort, Be of one mind, live in peace; And the God of Love and Peace will be with you. (2 C0rinthians 13:11)

Our professionals would like to consult with your photographer, videographer, clergy & consultant (if they apply) so all your wedding dreams come true. 


All weddings include:


A Special Reading on an 8x11 photo of our doves flying home to fly again.


On the photo will be the Bride & Grooms names and their Wedding date.


Flowers & colors on the display and or the basket to match your wedding.


A professional release coordinator at every event.


Our professionals will be their one hour before the wedding.


All doves can be hand released or by opening a release basket, your choice.


We will consult with you, we will be glad to offer suggestions about incorporating the outside dove release into your wedding.


Our Packages


Silver Package: Three beautiful White Doves.  A display can be set up inside or outside the church one hour before the wedding. All your guest will know something else exciting is about to happen.  After the wedding everyone waits outside the church for the new Husband & Wife to walk out. At that time A reading can be read by the clergy, or someone special. The Clergy could release the first dove and then the Bride & Groom would both release their doves together. Symbolizing A husband and wife will become as one & The Father’s will always come first in their lives from this day forward.


Gold  Package: same as the Silver Package plus Twelve doves could be release right after the Bride & Groom release their two doves. Beautiful sight. In a beautiful release basket.


Diamond Package, same as the silver package but 2 baskets of 12 doves each will be release usually on each side of the bride and groom. Just after they release their doves.


Note: we can do the release just about anyway you want. Some even have everyone in the bridal party release a dove after the Bride & Groom.


Memories!!!! It is our wish that now and in the years to come, as you look back at your wedding pictures & videos the dove release, will still bring big smiles to your faces & warmth to your hearts. We look forward to being a part of making those wonderful, wonderful memories.


We are a family owned business and we want every release to be nothing less than spectacular!


Thank You!!   The Professionals of Touched By Wings From Heaven